10 Songs I Hate Because of you

Sometimes I really wish life had a background music, so it would help me understand what’s going on. And those songs that ring in our head when we are happy, sad or just about any feeling! It’s a god-sent feeling. So, to all those who have written the brilliant songs out there, I hope they feel accomplished! I personally feel they do, coz these music is what I call food for my soul. And I am just one person! There are seven billion two hundred and twenty million nine hundred and seventy one thousand five hundred and seventy two people (as of March 21st 2014 at 1300hrs (GMT +8).

But kinda sucks sometimes when the songs you loved were shared with someone who is currently non-existent. Why am i rambling about this? I was in Hong Kong last year somewhere around this time. I went to a local pub by a pier with my friend. We were laughing so hard that there was tears coming down my cheeks and “Crash into me” by Dave Matthew’s band came on. My tears of joy turned to be tears of sadness. A dark cloud was sitting above me! I was listening to this song after 6 long years. I brushed it off.

A year had passed on and just the other day, I was going through my music files and was listening to songs that I have not heard in a while. These songs made me think so deep that I zoned out. My heart ached and my brains felt fuzzy. I love those songs and I can’t bring myself from hearing them because of a person??? Unbelievable right? Some might say, “Get over it! it’s just a song!” Well to all you people out there who thought just that, I don’t blame you because you were not in my shoes or maybe you don’t love music that much!

I have put my past behind me. I embraced all the good things. The bad ones were painful and were buried. It’s good that I can talk about it anytime or joke about it! But the songs, I had difficulty! I can’t explain….. I am not thinking about the non-existent person or anything but it reminded me about my happy times. I want that feeling again!!!! I miss the feeling!! All of us have had that ONE great LOVE! That was mine with all my background songs in it.

So, I made a playlist with the 10 songs “I Hate Because Of You”. I don’t literally hate the songs but i hate the fact that i can’t listen to them without thinking of my bittersweet memories! So here it goes,

1/ Crash into me – Dave Matthew’s Band

2/ Sunday morning – Maroon 5

3/ Speed of sound – Coldplay

4/ Only in dreams – Weezer

5/ Teenage dirtbag – Wheatus

6/ Wonderwall – Oasis

7/ Fake plastic trees – Radiohead

8/ I miss you – Blink 182

9/ Somewhere only we know – Keane

10/ Halcyon on and on – Orbital

Most people have that one song, but I have ten and I am listening to them again and realising why I loved the songs! The beauty of music is that when it hits you, you fell no pain (Thanks Bob Marley). Music is bliss!!

Music is my Refuge!


One thought on “10 Songs I Hate Because of you

  1. It’s my refuge too!!! I can sometimes place a memory Jz based on a song,but it also helps me zone out in moments of need.sometimes I feel like I can travel to a different time or space or place…and the feelings wonderful.so yea,in a way,music is my life…..so play on!!!!

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