7 Deadly Sins and the Mother of all..


Most of us must have watched Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman in the 1995 movie Seven. It revolves around a sadistic killer who meticulously plans all his killings based on the famous 7. Seven Deadly sins.. I have been giving it much thought lately. For those who don’t know the 7 deadly sins, according to the Catholic church since the early 14th Century, these sins will send you straight to hell. But, no worries coz you can be saved if you confess to a man that suffers from none of them. [Confession: I am not Catholic, I am Human]. Before I go on, I will list the Deadly 7:

  1. Luxury (lechery/lust)
  2. Gula (gluttony)
  3. Avaritia (avarice/greed)
  4. Acedia (sloth/discouragement)
  5. Ira (wrath)
  6. Invidia (envy)
  7. Superbia (pride)

Life is meant to be lived. These sins are around, but If we choose wisely in our decisions we would be lucky to avoid all of it but we don’t live in heaven right now do we? So, it’s as simple as committing these sins and confessing to the chosen one and “POOF” I get a ticket to heaven? I hope Led Zeppelin will be playing stairway to heaven at that time! Sweet!

We are only human, and committing these sins might have been part of our lives. We are surrounded by temptations and we will be lucky if we avoided every single one of them since we were born up to now. I mean come on… I am not perfect. I can’t run away from these temptations. I am only human and I do what I want anyway. No one can control my thoughts. I am the master of my mind, so I have been told. But there is evil lurking in the dark. We all make mistakes and mistakes are made so we learn from them. Sins are only sins if we are hurting other people. We don’t need the assistance of religion to tell you this. Look around, the people around us are who we get answers from [mankind or animals, although in this era, the animals seem to be bagging the trophies].

So let me confess my sins to my fellow human kind…


  • Lust – I stare at hot blokes all the time and wondered what would it be like to take them home. Well we all have done that and that is lusting after someone. This is so a normal female behaviour. I don’t think i deserve a place in hell for this dear sweet Lord. Lusting after a man who belongs to someone, that is still not wrong unless you actually steal the man and actually perform some lusting ritual which takes 2 hands to clap! Well then, both of you belong to each other so you can keep on cheating for the rest of your lives. You may be able to forgive one another. Anyways, Lust is not just about sex, it can be lusting after money, power, fame…anything the heart desires. But in my lust context, it’s just the hot looking blokes!


  • Gluttony – I live to eat on my days off from work and on the days I work, I eat to live. On my holidays, I eat like a King for breakie, a prince for lunch and i wish to say pauper for dinner, but i will be lying. I confess on wasting food and that is my sin. Put on your plate what you can eat. Don’t waste food, my mum always says. I won’t go to the extent of eating a shark or house pets. I used to have rabbits so I don’t eat rabbits. I guess my gluttony rating has to be only 2/10. To all you foodies, you gotta have your limits. I know we only live once but choose your food carefully, we don’t want our coronary arteries clogging up at the age of 40 right? Unless you wanna savour your heart in the hearse on the way to the morgue. Gluttony is represented by the colour orange and that’s because….. DRUM ROLL….. that’s the only colour that can be eaten!


  • Greed – I confess that I desire after material wealth. Hmmmm, let’s see, I wish I had a goose that laid golden eggs! and with the Golden eggs, I can buy a yacht and take it on a cruise to the Caribbean islands. Well since we are at it, I would like to name my yacht Aquadisiac! Since Forbes has listed Bill Gates and Carlos Slim Helu, world’s richest people, they better start praying a little harder for stairway to heaven! Greed is evident in the political world. Let’s be honest, most people go into politics not to be Captain Planet but because of all the jujus’ they offer. It’s kinda evident where I come from. George Carlin once said that the rich will always be rich as they rob the middle-class and it’s these poor shmucks that sustain the country’s economy and take care of the poor. By the way, spending $ 3 million dollars for a shoe, yes you read that right! Rita Hayworth heels by Stuart Weitzman, that spells Retard all over!


  • Sloth – I am so guilty right now, I might as well take the lift to hell! To me, I might look like I am just chilling but to God, it is an offence of first degree! I have been procrastinating on cleaning my dining table for the pat 2 years! Hah!! Yeah…. my dining table is where I try to study and I have left it like it has been since my last major exam and every time I want to put the books and papers away, i say no! I need them to be where they are right now! So much for a neat freak but not the dining table! Can’t explain but every time i pass by the dining table, i imagine myself looking like a sloth! GUILTY AS CHARGED! Well, to pacify myself, at least I do get up to get the remote control for the TV and I don’t push the doors that says PULL!


  • Envy – I have always been envious of those who have it all. Well, these people had fun in college, stealing boyfriends or girlfriends and 10 years down the road, they are happily married with the least likely partner and have 3 beautiful children! COME ON!!!!!!!! I don’t think I should be going to hell for feeling envious on that! I want a family too….. well, i can’t sit and grumble on this but can’t help it…. it’s my confession!


  • Pride – It’s actually said to be the deadliest sin of all and the punishment being heavy slabs over their shoulders which forces them to keep their head bowed at all times. Have I ever had a moment of pride? I have actually enjoyed every moment when my high school choir team emerged champions 3 years in a row. It was not so much for the winning but to actually give the ‘IN YOUR FACE’ look to the rival school! Well that ended when I was 17 years old! So, i guess my rating will be 3/10. Now a days I am a better sport! I have learnt to believe that pride will get the best of you. Always be humble as humility takes us a long way and pride will only make us artificial. Personally, I don’t think this is my deadliest sins. That’s why I have saved the best for last.


  • Wrath – THE MOTHER OF ALL SINS!!!!!!! I have learnt this along the way in my thirty odd years of breathing in this planet! Once, I had been so angry that I typed an angry email with my middle finger. OK it’s not the typing with the middle finger part but the content of the email to this person I was mad at. Till today, I cannot undo what has been done! I have tried forgiving and yet at times, anger got the better of me. Ira and Superbia works hand in hand and it’s destructive! Watching people you care about getting hurt because of your temper is unimaginable. Speaking when we are angry, will be the best speech we are going to regret. YES THE WORLD DOESN’T WORK IN REVERSE! I was once told that those who angers you, controls you. I don’t see the point of smashing things when anger takes over coz the aftermath… the cleaning bit can be a BITCH! I am surrounded by people who are constantly shouting and constantly pissed about something… gosh! Why aren’t you having Left ventricular dysfunction secondary to hypertension already???? Rub your ears and chant woo zaaahhh…. [I learnt that from Anger Management]. Might look like a mad monkey but who cares?


So, there I have  listed the 7 deadliest sins and the mother of all in my list had to be WRATH. Things can get rough and tough out there and its up to us how we are gonna breeze trough it. Live everyday with a big smile and be kind. There’s no point trying to save the planet coz the planet is just fine! Try saving ourselves first and that’s the pebble to our stairway to happiness. Nobody is perfect! We have to accept it but we have a choice and we have will power!



Sweet Sinnerwoman


One thought on “7 Deadly Sins and the Mother of all..

  1. Kudos from one sinner to another…:) …” may the one with no sins cast the 1st stone…” you re right we are human and here on earth to learn.. . So sin away in moderation as long as no one gets hurt in the process… mmmmuah…

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