Procrastination – A cosmic pastime


Oh you are actually reading this! Now that’s impressive…

Ok I know I have been away for a while and as much as I wanna say that I was really busy with work or planning a royal wedding, I’d be lying…. All I have been doing is procrastinating! Yeah…. a favourite pastime for most homo sapiens.

But my sort of procrastination is different. It’s called structured procrastination and here’s why.I have been meaning to write this post for 3 months now…. well my last post was dated on April 23rd and it’s July 8th today. If you think I had extra time on hand and that’s why I am writing this, WRONG!!! I actually have a thesis proposal and 5 case reports to be completed! I had 2 years to be exact to have completed this but here I am doing it the very last minute. (P/S somewhere in my time warp, I still think I have time!) I am writing this post as a way of not doing those things. This is what a structured procrastination is.

As we all know, all procrastination is the act of postponing important work, especially out of habitual laziness or carelessness. Everyone has procrastinated at least once in their lifetime. Anyone who said they haven’t are either lying or have OCD. So, walk with me here…. here’s a situation all of us have been in. Well, OMG I have just been assigned to do a full report which has to be 10 pages long and it’s due end of this month. I better get started right away. Hmmmmmm but then again it’s only due end of the month, so I’ll get on it tomorrow. And…. tomorrow arrives and then a week passes, and then dammit the due date is tomorrow and guess what, I am actually sitting and doing it the very last minute stuffing myself with McDonald’s burger and fries (which was delivered coz’ if I go out for dinner I would be wasting precious time). Sure you thought about doing the report everyday in the past 4 weeks but you would rather do other things.

So back to structured procrastination. The key idea here is procrastinators seldom do absolutely nothing. We do other slightly useful things like cleaning, baking, drawing, filing, gardening or even arranging our desks again and again. And why do we do this? It’s a way of not doing something more important. So if my task was to write a post in my blog today, I would have never done it. The procrastinator can be motivated to do difficult, timely and important tasks, as long as these tasks are a way of not doing something more important. I have to hand in my thesis proposal soon and here I am writing this post. Mission accomplished!

I have a list with the most important task on the top and I have other smaller tasks in the bottom. Just so you know, the tasks at the bottom are worthwhile too. Well in order not to do the task that are higher in the list, I perform the ones lower in the list. I would like to think I get a lot of things done this way and acquire a reputation to get a lot of work done (p/s in a timely manner). 🙂

One great example is when I am furthering my studies, well working and studying is not really easy… especially for a person like me. I have lots of deadlines but normally when that happens, I am out with my buddies or start a new series… by the way I watched all 3 seasons for Game of Thrones in 4 days! I don’t regret doing those things when I should actually be sitting down with my nose buried in the books.

You might ask, so when does the important task on top of your list get done? Answer is simple, “I am pretty sure something else more important will come along and that will top my list and this will be more important. Then I’ll get to work on it.”

So, Procrastinate with a structure that is ….. and LIVE a little! What is life if it’s not meant to be lived to the fullest?

Hi My Name is Premi and I am a structured procrastinator!


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